When calculating "rollover", we use the lower of the risk/reward value as the effective value. For example, if you bet $500 on Team A to win $450, and you bet $400 on Team B to win $350, and you bet $250 on Team C to win $50, the total action applied toward fulfilling the rollover requirement would be $850 ($450 + $350 + $50)

I've been gambling offshore for just about two decades now, and I don't ever recall running into this.
Granted, I RARELY take bonus', and when I do I don't pay real close attention to the totals. But I am almost certain that Heritage, Youwager, Bookmaker doesn't follow this. In other words, if you bet 550/500, 550/500 and 1100/1000.... 2200 would go toward your rollover, not 2000.

Gave SportsBetting a shot because, quite frankly, moving money offshore is becoming more and more difficult by the day. Just looking for options. (I have set up a bitcoin wallet, because I do believe this could be a problem-solver. However, that's another topic for another day.....LOTS of questions that I need answered before I go that route)

They say first impressions are lasting ones. If this is true, SportsBetting is not in my future. Hate the layout. When submitting a wager, things just seem cluttered and slow. CS was....well, let's just say there was a barrier. Oh well, live and learn.