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    So what was Chandler Jones drug of choice ?

    Leaves a party @ Gronks house , walks to Foxboro police station where he's described as 'shirtless, confused & in possession of a class D substance'.

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    too many rails of blow....then roofied himself to take the edge off...

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    Gronk looks like hes into mol dog big time hahaha. Prbly got a bad batch. bath salt city

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    What losers

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    weed , all the thugs love it

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    guys relax, he likes to smoke weed but they test for that so he smoked synthetic marijuana which is legal in most states but has crazy side effects. Honestly they should just remove marijuana from the banned substance list, its not like it makes you better in any sport, plus it will allow people to continue smoking natural bud instead of this crazy synthetic crap. If players can use HGH, they should be able to act like adults and smoke if they wish. If each team individually wanted to ban it due to performance hindrance thats fine but it should be left up to the teams.

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    Reminds me of some times with to much K. If it's class D probably benzo's.