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    Been doing pretty good lately in the sbr sportsbook and poker.

    This is such a great website. So many great people in here that love to gamble and drink like myself. Feels good to donate points so I can donate to St judes children's hospital. Think it's cool sbr provides that option to donate to different charities. Anyway happy thanksgiving a little early to all at sbr .
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    i would usually be a dick but enjoy your holiday pal

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    Kudi with sharp post.

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    Cudi my sentiments exactly

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    good vibes are in that thread...nothing, but good vibes

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    Love this site. Posting is just the cherry on the top compared to everything else they offer here. Contests, poker, betting. Haven't paid real money to Amazon, or for pizza in a couple of years now. Wife affords me the time to be here just for that very reason.