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    Who were the poor guys who had the Arkansas auburn under?

    Rough beat there

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    Had under 101.

    Squeezed out the win.
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    Dom never on the wrong side

    A true pro

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    Never understood why they don't allow ties in football.
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    Yea.....looked like a lock at half then the dreaded college football OT

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    I have msu/Indiana under 60 the refs just gave Indiana a free td

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    I had Auburn +7 that's just as bad....how the penetrate they even got to OT is unreal

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    i had Arky -7 had to have alot go right for a win!

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    Shouldn't be betting unders in this game anyways two teams with subpar defenses auburn's unit has been terrible since lawson went down and arkansas isn't much better why you had 4 over times can't stop anybody.