Looks like some very unusual mid-October weather:

- Temps go from low 70's to upper 60's
- Gusty 20+ mph winds from the SW (straight out) then W (out to right); could shift across later in the game
- Some depends on start time, which is either 3:30 or 5:00. Winds probably more out early.
- Shadows can be an issue early in the game though.

Still, this looks to be hugely favorable hitting conditions for Arrieta vs. Wacha. On the one hand, you figure this type of weather as a possible "equalizer." Arrieta won't be able to keep his runless streak going. On the other, Arrieta just has not been giving up many flyballs, let alone longer flyballs. Wacha is a heavy flyball pitcher and the Cubs have lifted him this season. Plus, when they go Schwarber/Soler along with Rizzo, Bryant, etc. Cubs have more power hitting.

Total will be a real doozy. How do you make an Arrieta total high? But how do you not account for this wind? Neutral conditions probably a 6/6.5 total. If winds are as expected, you gotta go at least 8/8.5.