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    Maybe live betting is the thing to do??

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    Opie- send me some of daddys oil, bout to get frigid cold here in Jersey. Send barrel or two from trust fund, thanks

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    Coach, I'll tell you what. Donate the points to charity and we'll call it even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slambam View Post
    Prevent D, the dumbfukks let them have 15 yards at a time and wonder why they can score in 40 seconds.
    Yes! Damn, you nailed it bro! Fucken Falcons allow Cousins to drive the 50-60 yards in 24 seconds. How did they do it... 19 and 20 yard passes!!!! Give me a fucken break!! Kicker comes in and nails a 53 yarder to go to OT. Skins LIVE +3.5 died when they threw that pick 6 in OT. I couldn't believe it..

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