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    ethan haskell is a genius

    he is probably the most skilled dfs player of all-time (albeit "all-time" is short). for a really good visual of his prowess check out the following visual from larry brown sports showing his cashes at fan-duel for the month of august alone!! that doesn't even include the 350k score that everyone is talking about in september or any other months. my guess is he was paying someone in IT to give him this info. other employees will likely be implicated. he should be forced to give up all those winnings unless he can prove (through detailed records) exactly how he came up with the teams he submitted. check this article and chart about his amazing month of cashes: http://larrybrownsports.com/fantasy/...41#more-276741

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    Off course he had inside info. I'd would check his college/frat brothers first. Wouldn't be surprised if his best friend works at Fanduel and they are splitting the winnings.

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    lol.......it is what everyone thinks they will be