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    Catawba - 22.5

    O K guys got to admit,it's a degenerate play. But this line did stick out to me.! Must admit know very little about school,one may call this a technical play. But why is a FCS D - 2 school a -22.5 fav. on the road vs a FCS D - 1 school ? ​ The Indians cover the -22.5 ........1 unit.........................gl....wante d to bet 1.5 units , but 5D has a circle on this one.
    $120.00 $100.00 Pending 9/12/15 7:00pm College Extra Football 553 Catawba -22 -120* vs Davidson
    Totals: $120.00 $100.00

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    Actually Catawba is a good D-2 program, been there for high school 7 on 7 camp. Nice facilities.They lost 44-13 last week to W. GA, ranked 4th in FCS...only down by 3 in 1H. 49ers HC Tomsula is an alum. Davidson is AWFUL! Last week got pummeled by Citadel 69-0...had 104 yds total offense. This might be another blowout in favor of Catawba, RB Littlejon should have a good day.

    FYI...Towson is -8 at home against St Francis, line looks low to me.

    Good luck!

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    33 point win here.