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    Jays and Cubs.

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    Toronto vs. Everybody. Good luck in 2016 MLB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boeing power View Post
    Ughhh, GET THE FUKK OUT!

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    I have a MAJOR fukkin clue..
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    Quote Originally Posted by bez View Post
    Lakerboy biggest clown I've ever seen post on this site. Want easy money? Fade any pick this guy says
    Hey dumbfukk non-pro brokedikk....you have 45 posts. No one gives a fukk what you think.

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    Well its a damn shame,the way they lost was hard to swallow.

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    Once again... things change when postseason comes around

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    Quote Originally Posted by existential View Post
    Cards can't hit in the postseason and Matheny is a junk manager when the pressure is on. Mets will represent the NL.

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