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    Quote Originally Posted by Ra77er View Post
    Jake for the record I was cracking up at KLC's post and then realized I had made a horrible mistake. I may be the biggest accidental d-bag in forum history now.

    Honest mistake and KLC a good dude.

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    Good to see poster toughone CRACK the top 50 in the late night with a strong second. Good dude, that should get him in the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbywaves View Post
    Stats in poker lobby don't lie like you jackass.

    On the year: 14 cashes for 2,310
    bullshit, waves.... and you know it.... you have 1500 for this promo

    you had 660 prior to promo..... post a screenshot, wussy.... otherwise we all know your just back to cheating/scamming/being a d-bag angleshooting cockmaster as usual...........

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