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    puttin 2 cents in for 3 out
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    gamblers opera

    post some flows, lets make a story.

    the wrist workers.
    pushin plays like weight, no bodies pockets safe. but im hungry like i never ate. might catch me postin picks tryin to say i dont hit, but its all a game.
    some like the chess but im about the chedda, makin moves that make me the better bettor.
    build the bankroll, stack the coins, make your girl move my loins.
    oops i spread the spawn of satan, hit it from the back while shes makin bacon.flip the pancakes serve the sausage, cater to the life that knows no losses.

    calling all wordsmiths.
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    It's not what they bring...
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    Calling all wordsmiths is what MattE say.
    First post was good, but can he go all day?

    I guess we should talk shit, most flows like to do.
    But MATTE wants STOREY, SBR is the food.

    Sanchez is great, right out of the gateÖa GIF for your hearts, and just a little hate.

    The FlyME boys play by nobodyís rules, but some of those pics just will make a man drool.

    Iíve posted with MattE, conversation in kind, he bets with his gut but still uses his mind.

    Aint been round as long as some of you fools, aint got 12,000 posts, I aint as cool.

    Some ďlegendsĒ have gone and comeback Iím told, but by vids you can see JJ Gold grow old.

    Some of you are wise and clearly good with the line, but the best we donít hear fromÖthey lurk with their wine.

    Some of you fight, like a marriage spat, some of you break promises, just like that.

    RR, D2D, scumbag, and Bear I could keep going but then ďLOL didnít readĒ is sure to appear.

    Just like MoVaughn, drinkiní in the night, Iím sure you canít tell if Iím black or Iím white.

    Clearly, I canít shout out everyone now, but Iím sure someone will say ďNever Fukkin Heard of Ya, Pal."

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