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    Capping Methods?

    I've been on here for a brief moment observing everyone's plays. There's a lot of bad to average cappers as expected. I won't call anyone out, you guys can be the judge.

    It's been less than a year that I have been taking gambling seriously; meaning looking to gain a profit from it. I am just curious which systems or methods are you guys using when capping games example eye test, RLM, Donbest, Sports Insight, etc. Obviously the wise guys are using their own systems to cap as well which is at an approximate 65% success rate.

    Note: I am not asking for an in depth answer from anyone, just your capping method. I'm sure the SBR Pro users will provide their feedback to certain methods used.


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    Anything outside of college football I use the tail and fade method. In other words there are a few guys on here who I do admit I tail on occasion in sports like NBA and NHL and then there is the auto fade method which you will learn who those capers are as you read the boards.

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    I wait for the phone call to hear who the whales are taking and then I do the same. Good luck Chubby CW

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    College basketball teams have tons of weaknesses. If you see a team who struggles to guard the 4/5 and theyre playing a team with a good 4/5 and who rebounds well then that spread is most of the time one to look into.

    Also have noticed a ton of short home faves getting beat this year. So i been looking for those.

    But i mostly play match ups between teams and what team can expose what weakness on their opponent.
    todays play was nova. I knew temple was hindered offensively and would struggle to score the ball. Nova is an exceptional offensive team and has multiple guys who can score.

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    My personal rules that can improve your sports betting:

    1. Money management. Bet less than 5% of your total current bankroll per bet. Be discipline.
    2. Be a strategic gambler by picking your spots and wait for the right opportunity. Never be a compulsive gambler by betting because it's your favorite team or for the action. Do your research.
    3. Stay emotionless all the time. Bet like a robot. There's no place for emotions in this profession. Be unbiased.
    4. Do not judge a team based on what they did last week.

    5. Never bet on heavily juiced/vig lines. Like a line at -1000 for example.
    6. Never bet on heavily valued lines. Like a terrible team at 100 to 1 odds to win championship.
    7. Parlays should be no longer than 2 teams, the bigger the parlay is, the bigger the House Edge. Research and Secure your first pick before moving on to your second pick.

    8. Teasers should never pass through the zero.

    Maximize your odds by betting on 7 point teasers on sides.
    Ignore teasers that are 6 point, 6.5 point and on totals.
    Teasers and Parlays give the sportsbooks the most house edge.
    If you had to bet on one of these, it would be on the 7 point teaser.
    9. Teams with home field/court advantage tend to win games. Sportsbooks know this and favorites the home team.
    "Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight;
    whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted." -Sun Tzu, the Art of War
    10. Never bet on double digit road favorites. You will lose in the long run.
    11. Never bet on preseason games on any sport. Predicting on 2nd string teams is stupid because of the lack of game footage on mostly unknown players.
    12. Understand how to bet on underdogs ML and ATS:
    13. If you are extremely compulsive, arrogant, drunk and biased. The best advice is to "Don't Gamble".
    14. Learn from your mistakes. Most gamblers don't learn from their mistakes. That's why I made these gambling rules.

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    Appreciate the updates so far.

    Keep em' coming guys.

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    Here we go again.

    The vig calculations on parlays are incorrect. It's a nice little you tube video, white board and all, but it's wrong.

    I say again, it's not that bettors don't know, it's just that what they know is wrong.


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    Always get the best number possible

    Always get the lowest Vig possible

    Have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly win and loss limits.

    Understand that stopping once hitting those limits is next to impossible.

    Last try to enjoy the ups and downs of wagering.

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    Follow my gut