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    Bill Dozer
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    Forum website performance?

    We did a bunch of upgrades early this Sat AM on the network. New hamsters came in from Barry Bonds' house. Anyways, we would love to know if you see something bad or can try to break a page (We do know about some links that are to be fixed in the morning). If the site wasnt good before but not sucking now, please tell us. Any kind of error, please share it.

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    Good to know Barry Bonds is helping out the forum. Way to many 502 errors prior to this improvement.

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    Sam Odom
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    Had some snags most of the day Friday... Seems better but it's low traffic time

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    Having a hard time finding winners

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    El Nino
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    Still the same 404 error when you want to see what post a poster sent you points for. Also, never received the PM with the password for the poker tourney that I qualified for...

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    Update your status
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    running smooth

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    W and Based Poster
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    Bill, the servers are so good now that I see dead people. Thanks

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    I have a MAJOR fukkin clue..
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    Bill....ship me 50 points so I can see if I'm still getting that 404 error code.

    Go ahead and transfer them now. I'll let you know asap.


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    Year 2011

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    It was fine for me when everyone else was having issues but right now pages are loading slower than before.

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    Still getting that 404 error code

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    still 404 errors

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    Bill Dozer
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    Thanks guys. That 404 error is a wrong link we are correcting this AM. Barring clicking on that....should be snappy around here.

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    i have had issues when typing posts or pm's where the words i type end up missing a letter or two per word or hangs up while typing showing no letters then several letters appear rapidly completing the word

    its only this site and it doesnt matter which pc or laptop i use, location (office or home), browser, or whether its wireless or wired keyboard....
    its extremely frustrating

    any ideas?

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    Big Bear
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    Quote Originally Posted by tony_come View Post
    Having a hard time finding winners
    aint that the truth. Bill you guys need some new mods to clean this place up. Lets just say Too many posters are here for the wrong reasons.

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    Dan Bilzerian's gunsmith
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    I reached out to Lou for an issue in the casino. My craps game is stuck in progress....bets on the table but can't roll without getting an error message. If you can get that fixed would be great. Otherwise, site runs great.

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    Nothing's easy
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    The trivia has been a problem. When I get the 1st answer correct, about 6 times now, the 2nd box comes up with no question, just the answer tab but all else is blank.
    Never comes up like that to begin with, only for the 2nd question.

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    SBR Contests
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    Thanks for the reports fellas.