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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bear View Post
    Somebody on this forum posted that Brazil is an average team and the only reason they are the favorite is b/c of home advantage...

    So i guess that not true? they are pretty talented?
    They were awsome during the confederations cup

    They are very talented!

    why dont you back the front 4 for a profit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bear View Post
    i did a google search and thats where i found my info...

    it was a site talking about the paricular location of this game and the 1pm kickoff.

    many players and coaches were asked about the 1pm start in this weather and they all said


    Many more to choose from. I may be in the minority, but I wouldn't call 83 "inhumane". And I certainly wouldn't handicap the game because of it.

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