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    nba vs crappy nhl

    nba final 4..are the top 4 seeds..top 2 final standings each conference. This is a great sport where talent rises to the cream of the crop. Where you see the stars and there are many of them in the final 4. NHL...pitts/bost out and i believe st louis and san jose..hockey is a sport of unknowns and there is little talent. Eastern conf finls Montr vs NYR..quite possibly not one hall of famer on those 2 teams.

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    lol go lynch yourself

    NBA is fuckin dog shit. Bunch of n!gger bullshit.
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    Hockey is just a more unpredictable sport

    Home ice is less of an advantage and a single goal means much more than a basket, but there is more luck and chance involved with a goal

    NBA mls were regularly +200 and +300 during the playoffs while NHL mls rarely got above +160 or +170

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    hockey is pain to watch as u dont see reaction on players face and add to that the puck, only rednecks enjoys such sport.

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    the problem i have with the nhl is the regular season is completely meaningless, as evidenced year after year. really would be better off with an 8 team playoff (never would happen) or adding an 8th game where the dog has to win 5-3 to advance. seriously being at home doesnt mean a damn thing aside from revenue so 6 months you can wipe your ass with it.

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    NBA is unwatchable. Between the timeouts, ads for shitty movies, and that awful playoff song on a loop, not sure how anyone can watch an entire game. NHL is a team sport in a league of parity. NBA is who has the star that will drive the ratings. Hint: zero chance you see a Pacers/Spurs finals.

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    nba by a landlside

    hockey has no stars which hurts the sports

    stars make sports

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    Stars make the media try to force you to care about a sport. When a product sucks, it sucks. The NBA is not attractive.