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    swampdog stomp!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackeyeshamus View Post
    I'm just letting my 2u on the wolfpack ride. Lobos are not great away from the pit...might win by one or two.
    FML JK no, really.

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    Sam Odom
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMNoney View Post

    New Mexico -6.5 was one of the easiest 2nd half plays of all time.

    Nothing like a late Sharp...

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    Simon Gruber
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRIT View Post
    Wow, Nevada is embarassing themselves. Up 10 at one point to down 16. How? Loss.
    I'll tell you how. Nevada realized that they might actually be able to win and they all froze.

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    boeing power
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    Quote Originally Posted by boeing power View Post
    Took New Mexico -6.5 2nd half... I'm a sucker.

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    save my night

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