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    Here's where I stand. Chapter 2.

    Okay guys. Once again, I deposited 100 into Heritage on Thursday, as of this morning it's at 430.48(all sports betting).

    There is little back story to that. I quit betting on sports a while back to try to find the joy in sports again. I got to the point where I wouldn't watch a game unless I bet on it, and that was not where I wanted to be in life. I have always done decent at sports betting but it's like any other hobby, when it's no longer fun you need to take a break.

    Here's where I stand on today's card:

    1) NC State at Clemson: NO PLAY. Conference game, too evenly matched up. I am thinking about playing NC State in a teaser. 4 points would tease them up to 8.5 points and I do think this could be a really close game.

    2)Texas at Iowa State: I really like Texas here. Live by the 3, die by the 3. The line is up to 6 as we speak and may climb even higher. This is one of those road dogs that could not only cover but win outright.

    3) Kentucky at Mississippi: Kentucky. Kentucky. Kentucky. Let's be realistic here. Kentucky is a much better team(although the record says otherwise) and they dominated the earlier matchup this season. Kentucky rolls.

    4) Wake Forest at Maryland: Maryland giving up the 9.5, let's face it: Wake Forest is TERRIBLE on the road. Coming off a heartbreaking loss at Duke, expect Maryland to take it out on somebody.

    5) George Washington at Richmond: Way too evenly matched up. NO PLAY. If anything at all, a slight lean on the over 134.

    6)South Florida at Louisville: -23 is too cheap. Get it while you can. Louisville beat these people by 39 earlier this year on the road.

    7) Villanova at Providence: Villanova -5 of course. They won by 30 against Providence earlier this year.

    8) Kansas at Texas Tech: I think Texas Tech are frauds and I am looking for Kansas to blow this game out of the water. 7.5 is too low. I'll give the points.

    9)Bradley at Southern Illinois: Both these teams suck. Bradley won the game by 6 earlier this year, I don't expect a 12 point turn around from a shitty team. Bradley +6

    10) Detroit at Illinois-Chicago: Illinois-Chicago is god awful BUT their last meeting in January ended too close for me to lay 2.5 points on the road.

    11)Missouri State at Illinois State: Too close to lay or take points here. Those 5 point lines are scary. NO PLAY.

    12) Virginia at Virginia Tech: Virginia all the way. The defense is GREAT and Virginia Tech is AWFUL.

    13) Duke at Georgia Tech: Duke laying 11 on the road at Georgia Tech? I'll take it. Duke is just TOO good for GT.

    14) Butler at St Johns: St Johns -9. The meeting in Butler this year wasn't even close.

    I know that's not ALL the games. That is just what I think as of now. I won't bet them all of course, BUT those are my leans.

    As far as NBA goes;

    1) Toronto at Washington: Wizards -2.5 here. No brainer for me. Anything can happen here as the teams are fairly evenly matched up but 2.5 points on the home fave is good for me.

    2)Charlotte at Detroit: Two bad teams here, but I definitely like Detroit laying the 4.5 at home.

    3)San Antonio at LA Clippers: I LOVE the Clippers here with Tony Parker out and only laying 6.

    Best of luck to you all tonight.

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    Justin stand on this spreadsheet



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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Justin stand on this spreadsheet

    JJ. I'm not feeling that Providence pick.

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    Why no official plays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWangDangALang View Post
    Why no official plays?
    Because I just take a few and make some plays. The ones I feel the MOST comfortable about. As soon as I learn to screenshot I will do that.