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    Rams with an above average QB = top 5 NFL team

    Team has everything going for it but a QB who can routinely put up 250 yards and a couple TDs.

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    Defense is so nasty. Quinn has been a beast this season
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    Might need a legit number 1 receiver as well if they were to be a true top 5 team.

    But yes, they are good, and were decent last year too.

    Tough sledding and got to get in it for the long haul like they are when you go up against San Fran and Seattle 4 times a year.

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    I totally agree. Smashed the rams today!

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    I can't believe how stacked the NFC West has become. But, yes, the Rams need more weapons on offense.

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    yh this division is tough all teams could have a winning record next year