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    Tizzy is good peeps

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    shit.. i gotta pick up again, we're humans and i need to control what i know the highest variance of scheduled games. There's these buy high games i researched that are pre-determined of high volatility. ALL major sports schedules are like this, especially NFL, COLLeGE football and NBA. Built on story lines and highest drama, and for vegas and bettors as well. These are always buy high matchups. What ive been workin hard to figure out is, how we can ignore these matchups and always keep what we earned. This has been toughest for me, then when u tilt and emotions get in volve, these games we touch are scheduled for 'bad beats' if u guys catch my drift. All these timings and schedules are built around the notion of bad beats happening, i finally realized... fuckk such expensive lesson.

    ohh RUA, ive been workin the Multi BlackJ, and jus waiting for runs to get in the high count cards!

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