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    Casino Maintenance done!!

    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:29:06.903">14:29:06</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>16</nobr> <nobr title="Kc 6d">K♣ 6♦</nobr> <nobr title=""></nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>21</nobr> <nobr title="As Tc">A♠ T♣</nobr> <nobr title="BlackJack">BlackJack</nobr>
    <nobr title="4.00">4.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-4.00">-4.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:28:00.717">14:28:00</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>14</nobr> <nobr title="5c 9d">5♣ 9♦</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>20</nobr> <nobr title="6s 5h 9d">6♠ 5♥ 9♦</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Stand">Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="55.00">55.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-55.00">-55.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:27:46.633">14:27:46</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>18</nobr> <nobr title="8d Td">8♦ T♦</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>19</nobr> <nobr title="8s As">8♠ A♠</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="50.00">50.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-50.00">-50.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:27:20.920">14:27:20</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>19</nobr> <nobr title="9h Jd">9♥ J♦</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>21</nobr> <nobr title="4d 7c Js">4♦ 7♣ J♠</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Stand">Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="25.00">25.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-25.00">-25.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:27:13.113">14:27:13</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>19</nobr> <nobr title="7d 2s Ts">7♦ 2♠ T♠</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Stand">Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>20</nobr> <nobr title="Kd Kd">K♦ K♦</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="10.00">10.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-10.00">-10.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:27:05.973">14:27:05</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>17</nobr> <nobr title="Td 7c">T♦ 7♣</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>21</nobr> <nobr title="4s Kd 7s">4♠ K♦ 7♠</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Stand">Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="5.00">5.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-5.00">-5.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:26:59.543">14:26:59</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>20</nobr> <nobr title="As 9s">A♠ 9♠</nobr> <nobr title="Stand">Stand</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>21</nobr> <nobr title="6s 5s Kc">6♠ 5♠ K♣</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Stand">Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="1.00">1.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-1.00">-1.00</nobr>
    <nobr title="2013-10-02T14:26:53.553">14:26:53</nobr>
    <nobr>Player Hand </nobr> <nobr>13</nobr> <nobr title="3s 6h 4c">3♠ 6♥ 4♣</nobr> <nobr title="Double">Double</nobr>
    <nobr>Dealer Hand</nobr> <nobr>17</nobr> <nobr title="6d 6s 3c 2s">6♦ 6♠ 3♣ 2♠</nobr> <nobr title="Hit, Hit, Stand">Hit, Hit, Stand</nobr>
    <nobr title="2.00">2.00</nobr> <nobr class="red" title="-2.00">-2.0</nobr>

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    Business as usual

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    Let me guess.... u ran out of money for that last "bend over" hand? lololol so u can be thankful they didn't screw u out of more!! Hey, I thought u finished 2nd in world Cup! How come your scout badge says 3rd?

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    U got 36 left,

    Don't be a quitter bananabrad.