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    Is there any better (bettor) day of the week..........

    Than any Sunday in September and October?

    It's a sports lovers orgasm.
    You got the NFL, you got your MLB pennant races.

    Picture this, I got the laptop to the left and diagonal to the desk top, I got the regular screen TV next to the big screen, also to the left and diagonal.

    The football information pages I need for NFL action are all loaded up on the desktop, I got the laptop loaded up for my baseball action.

    Got to love Sundays in September and October.

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    i like midweek.

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    Saturdays better

    More games

    More action

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    This is by far the best time of the year for gambling. NFL and NCAAFB starting up, MLB coming to an end and the post season. As soon as MLB is wrapping up you have start of NBA and NHL all while football still going on. Not to mention NCAAB. September-December is the best 4 months to bet on sports IMO.

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    Home Team Wins at SBR
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    Luv loaded with football snacks and parlays and str plays JETS JETS JETS .....Pitts/S Fran

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    This is a degen's day of Zen

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Saturdays better

    More games

    More action

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    Got my daughters decked out in VIkings gear. Check

    Prepared the bloody mary bar. Check

    Buffalo Chicken dip in crock pot. Check

    Salmon in the smoker. Check

    Vikings and Packers to cash... PRICELESS!!

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