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    who is Julius Thomas?

    Where did he come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaborneq View Post
    Where did he come from?
    Injured last year, had the most receptions for Broncos in preseason.

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    He's putting himself on the map tonight, for sure.

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    jail bird.

    Denver Broncos starting tight end Julius Thomas was arrested last week for failure to appear in court for a traffic citation, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

    Capt. Glenn Thompson confirmed to NFL Media on Thursday that Thomas was taken into custody on Aug. 28.

    Earlier in that day, shortly after 6:30 a.m., Thomas was stopped by a deputy for speeding in the 8100 block of South Potomac Street, Thompson said. As part of that process, the deputy checked for any outstanding warrants and saw that Thomas had one for failure to appear in court for a traffic ticket, Thompson said.

    The ticket was from Jan. 25. Thomas was booked into jail on $500 bail, Thompson said, and released the same day.

    The Broncos released a statement on the issue (via KUSA-TV): "We were notified of the issue involving Julius Thomas when it occurred on Aug. 28. It was addressed internally and is being resolved."

    Thomas led the Broncos this preseason in catches and receiving yards, earning his place atop the team's depth chart. His legal issues shouldn't impact his role with the Broncos on Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens.


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    He's another former basketball player like Tony Gonzalez, Gates, etc. They always liked him but he's raw since he hasn't played fb his whole life like most of these guys.

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    When I visited the Broncos training camp in 2012.
    I remember him signing autographs for fans after practice was done.

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    At 1st I was like WTF, where's Jacob Tamme. Boy, this guy is gem for the Broncos, and is going to be another headache defense will have to adjust for.