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    Quote Originally Posted by You mad bro View Post
    Benny Mariano is arguably the best closer in baseball yet again even at the age of 40+

    People say its not hard to close games but look at all these teams with bullpen problems at the end of their rotations .. The only thing that Mariano lost is mph on his fastball and cutter lol ..

    you will probably never see another 40+ year old player dominate his position in any sport without using steroids .. Most players decline at what, about 35-36 maybe?

    idk I just think its incredible how he is still untouchable

    also how about this stat .. Prince fielder gained only 50 pounds from when he was 17 years old

    also how about this stat .. Craig from stl batting almost 500 with runners in scoring position lol ..

    Also how about this stat .. The Yankees only have about 4 home runs from a right handed batter in over a month

    also how about this stat .. Miggy going for his second triple crown in a row ..

    Good stuff.
    Craig is one of the most underrated players in MLB.

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    Cardinals stranding RISP left and right tonight. Just had a runner at 3rd with no one out and didn't score.

    That regression is inevitable.

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    Kimbrel hasn't given up a run in 32 straight innings

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    Matt carpenter leads the national league in doubles.

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    Oberholtzer has held his opponents to a .143 batting average.

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