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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDevil1974 View Post
    Starts Next Week

    For all those who like to back golfers early who may be backed in early in the week

    Jason Dufner is still available at 50s in some books (uwin for one) and if he has another good final round he will not be bigger than 33s in most books imo. he is that short now in some.

    Backed him at 51.0 already and more to follow....
    Amazing, great job, enjoy your $$$

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    Great call. And yes, gotta love pro sports and the music industry, where you can look like Duf and pull girls who look like his wife...

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    Well done anyone else who backed him or got place money on others.

    It just pays for the next few weeks golf punting as we all know

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    Nice call, and nice attempt to share the wealth, Red Devil
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