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    Do you have to claim sportsbook winnings on your taxes in Nevada???

    I am going to open an account for a sports book in Nevada but they want my social so i'm scared ill get taxed on my winnings lol???Help!

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    just keep record of your loses
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    Yup as eid said claim loses. There's people in Vegas that will collect up losing tickets for taxes

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    No. Your soc and info is taken for money laundering purposes and is given to the treasury department. If you fill out a W2 then it goes straight to the IRS. When in doubt, itemize your return and offset winnings with losses.

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    do they report a year end bottom line to irs?---just winnings?-- my guess they do not report anything---want ssn just in case.

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    Just say you reside in Monaco.

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    El Nino is corect. If you fill out simple casino paperwork with your ss# on it then they don't send anything to them. But if you end up sending you a W2, then it is reported and you "should" claim it. But they will most likely only report sportsbook income. If you come up with a casino loss they will not be reflected on that W2.
    Any single wager paying 300 times the amount wagered and at least $600 is taxable income. If any winnings minus the amount wagered exceed $5,000, federal taxes are withheld.

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    Check in Milwaukee mike

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    Well actually EVERYONE in the US is supposed to claim all sportsbook and gambling winnings.

    If you have a winning lottery ticket of over $600, then you get a W2g. But actually to be 100% true, you would need to claim all wins of $100 and under as well. Just because you dont get a 1099 or W2G doesnt mean that it isnt taxable