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    Bengals extend Marvin Lewis through 2014

    Good move, or bad move?

    They almost didn't bring him back last year. Mike Zimmer is the heart and soul of that coaching staff without a doubt in my mind. Not too sure who else would potentially be available though, and they just extended Zimmer. I just don't think Marvin is an especially great coach.


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    Marvin has brought us from joke of the league to a respected franchise. Now it's time to take the next step and we're ready to win a ring.

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    Bad Move...

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    The Bengals aren't the Bungles anymore but theyve been stuck in mediocrity for a while. I would have waited another year to see what Dalton and Green do in year 2 or if it looks like theyre still going to have the same ceiling...

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    Cincy a go nowhere type team no matter who coaches just like baseball

    Decent teams but non factors in post season

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    jj go fuk yourself you don't know shit. Look at your books, how much have you made you fuking bald short dick clown.