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    Second round bullshit starting early

    I didnt bet the game so I dont care, but that Boston Philly Game was a typical NBA ref-job. Celtics have guys that go to the rim 50% of the time, are the home team, but they took just 9 free throws? While Philly is a bunch of jump shooting hacks and they took 21. That is low as well but more than enough to 'steal' a close game.

    But basically it is a product of putting key Celtics in foul trouble.

    I have no doubt they will push the Celtics through to the finals, more than likely against Miami. But it looks like the league is playing the 'lets extend this so Bosch can come back eventually' card here.

    While 'fixes' and ref jobs arent a 'sure' thing they certainly can take games like these and make sure the team they 'want' wins. Sometimes they just have no control and games get out of hand too fast for refs to steer them, but it is always nice watching one where the refs have a clear agenda.

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    Agreed. It was quite obviously Stern and his crooks did not want the superior team to win tonight.

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    only watched the 4th but after all the times the refs have stolen money from me it's nice to be on the right side of a hose job for once