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    How Thurston Howelish 3rd is the Masters?Anyone have obseravtions so far?

    Jesus,I have heard this said 400 times the last 3 days.He has a great golf swing.What a golf shot.Fabulous golf swing.Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!What's it supposed to be out on the course?A great tennis swing or shot,a great bat swing or a great hockey shot?

    Then this whole Butler cabin thing is kind of snobbish.I wonder if anyone ever broke into the Butler cabin,got drunk there or got lucky?

    And how about having dinner in your green jacket on Tuesday night at the banquet.Did John Daly ever get BBQ sauce on his green jacket or get wasted and heaved all over it.Yikes,he never won the Masters.It would have been fun though if he did.
    Just because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth doesn't mean everyone else was.

    Just the tone of the voices at the Masters and the names of the golfers is uppity beyond belief.Why don't guys like Danny De Vito with big loud obnoxious voices and personalities ever get into tournaments?

    And how do you become an authority official at The Masters like Hooty Johnson?Bobby Jones was such a snob he frowned upon golfers making a living playing for purses.
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