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    Top high school boy's BBall team VS Women's olympic team

    I have proposed this question a few times and actually am interested in your guys opinions. I'm not trying to push anyone's buttons or start some "feminism vs. women-hating" political battle whatsoever. This is simply a good hypothetical situation I think makes for good banter.

    So, who wins and how close is the game? Basically, the situation is that you take one of the best high school boys varsity BasketBall teams in the country in a random year and put them up against the USA women's olympic team using College BBall rules (5 fouls, 20 minute halves) with the college 3 point line. Where it gets tricky is whether to use a womens size basketball or mens size basketball (they are different sizes right??), so I'll leave it up to you if you really think there would be a difference in the result if one ball was used instead of the other.

    Most people I ask this to say the men's high school team would win, but a few have argued the women's team would win.

    I think it the high school team wins by 20+ points maybe more. My argument basically comes down to one key thing: at least several (probably even some bench players) can dunk on the men's/boys team, whereas there have been like 5 dunks or something in the history of all women's basketball ever played. It could also be assumed that 3 of the guys on the high school team are going to be playing D-1 basketball and one may make an NBA team one day. I would guess that even the greatest woman basketball player in the world would make more than the practice squad of most D1 schools.

    So who you bettin' on ??
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    Same sport - yes

    Same league - no

    No argument on this one.

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    I would lay up to 5 points with Finlay Prep. They won the Natl Championship last week in high school, and would beat Baylor's girls team.

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    The College women will readily admit they couldn't beat a top boys high school team.

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    The boys high school team would win of course, but really the best boys high school teams are better than most D1 teams, if it is an average high school team the girls would win.

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    Girls miss layups all the time. Boys make dunks and layups at nearly 100%. Boys beat girls by any score they choose.

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    Boys are way stronger and faster

    No match

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    its not even a question.

    middle tier HS school teams would win. athletic players over 6'5'' put up 50

    D1 girls basketball teams play against intermural kids for practice