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    How good is Michigan basketball team?

    Sweet 16? Get hot elite 8? Could they beat a big time team? They have beat MSU and Ohio now but lost to both too. Tough call.

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    They are a very good team at home and they are a very mediocre team on the road.

    Considering they are a jump shooting team, that is not surprising. But unfortunately, tournament games are not played at home so they will likely not be able to make a run.

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    I think they are good but far from great...this program continues to make stides towards what it once was...good to see...

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    on any given night they can beat anybody.

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    Hardaway needs to be more agressive. He just stood around alot.

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    Craft is Trey Burke's bitch.

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    Deuce Sharks win today

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    Maybe the best coached team in the country, but probably lack the talent to get past the Sweet 16. They have no size and little depth. Losing Horford hurt. If Morgan gets in foul trouble, they're in big trouble. And Burke and Hardaway don't play particularly well together. Rarely do they both play well in the same game. Darius Morris and Hardaway played off each other much better than Burke and Jr. Almost get the feeling Burke and Hardaway don't really like one another and they both want to be the star.

    Top 5 team next year with McGary and Glenn Robinson III.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjt721 View Post
    Losing Horford hurt.

    I would let him play and try to make a run if he is healthy and if that is what he wants to do. This team is good enough with him playing well to do some positive work in the tournament.

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    Good enough to beat anyone and scare anyone.....but teams like Michigan never go all the way because the one time they go a little cold from 3 is when they will go down in the tourney

    I will call sweet 16, I like them a lot but just can't see them doing much more than that.....will be rooting for em though, I have always casually rooted for the Wolverines