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    He has to be a community troll from another forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiggityDaggityDo View Post

    Sure, But Ryan hits up the bars with 20-23 year olds ogling over the fact that he looks like the Bourne guy. Thats an easy pussy puller I would think.

    But I dont know... Ryan???
    Quote Originally Posted by TR88 View Post

    bourne guy is Mat Damon

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    Quote Originally Posted by KVB View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced View Post

    Ha-ha. Leafy is a forum legend. He's one of us.

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    strange bump KV

    where is Leafer?

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    Hopefully, Leafer is ok. He was drinking a scary amount.

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    I have only seen 2 people consume liquor like that guy. One RIP'd at age 32 and the other one quit drinking with the warning that his liver would never heal and is one binge from the grave. Leafer had a lot of miles on that poor organ.

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