So OKC is playing New Orleans and Im like fuk they're gonna kick that ass Im gonna make some EZ money

Then I look at the ML and its like -1100 , I mean fuk me I got 300 bucks in my account if I go allin I dont even win 30 bucks , the spread is like fukin 11 1/2 which is a joke bc theyll be up 15 in the last couple minutes and just run the clock out while New Orleans races down the court like they're in the Finals to try to lose by 11 and fuk all the OKC bettors

Man this shit is hard! Thinking about surrendering and just playing poker with the idiots I've found that play poker like fuckin retards.

Plus I like bettin tennis and they throw up these prop bets that look fun as hell but 40 CENTS JUICE, I mean come the fuk on give a motherfukin degen a chance