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    Sanchez Joke

    From ESPN Comments, while I was reading through some of the articles

    "Mark Sanchez wanted to ask me out, but his text message got intercepted.

    Thought it was funny so decided to share....

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    Joke is on us. That no talent ass clown is banging Kate Upton.

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    here's a better joke reported by Cnn.com earlier today

    "News reports from Manhattan state that Kate Upton has dumped so-called star quarterback, Jose Sanchez. Sanchez, who has been seen throwing like a girl in many games the last few years and who is reviled in the locker room not b/c of his play but b/c of his apparent Mexican body odor, was seen chasing after Ms. Upton after she bolted from Mr. Sanchez's lawnmower tractor car that is juiced up with huge rims.

    When police caught up to the distraught and hysterically screaming Ms. Upton, they reported that she said the following: 'Jose Sanchez ejaculates guacamole sauce. It's over! Ew, ew, ew' That's right, she said 'Ew' three times. Now back to you, Larry!"