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    would anyone be surprised if all the favorites of 20+ covered in NCAa hoops?

    Don't the elite teams always wax these scrubs from these little sisters of the poor schools??? I mean its not uncommon to see scores like 100-45 right?

    Which elite teams steam roll their opponents tonight?

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    I bet alot of these parlays every beginning of the season and have had better than average luck with them grant you they are usually 4 or 5 leggers and not 20.hehe!It's not whether the favorites can cover these outrageous spreads,it's whether they want to in many cases.Someone should post all college basketball and football teams with no nonsense alumni that are known to hold back donations if their pansy coaches go light on beating up on dogs.I would like to tie Mack Brown up in a shower that Jerry Sandusky frequents.Brown has burnt me so many times.The Longhorns will be 37 point favorites to beat Rice or North Texas and they will be there at half time.So what does Texas do,they win by 34 points instead of by 74 points.

    Anyone watch the Houston-Tulane game last night where Houston kept relentlessly pounding Tulane by hoisting 70 yard in the air touchdown passes in later stages of the game?I like those kinds of motivated teams that like destroying the spread.
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