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    zoo youk
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    Raiders are going to dangerous if they get this outta Palmer every week.

    still training camp for him n looks impressive already.

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    But he's Carson Palmer. There's still a ton of bad football he hasn't shown us and, trust me, it's there.

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    Tim Tebow exploited the Raiders run defense.

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    Raiders may not be playing great ball offensively but certainly manageable with moving the sticks and getting to the opponents 30 – 35 yard line to give them a chance to at least try a field goal.
    Defensively they really have to show up each game and every snap. Yes Tebow did expose Raiders run defense but I wonder at times what Raiders Defensive coordinator was thinking while game planning for the Denver game. Every one knew that Tebow can and will hurt with his feet and not his arm yet he was given the room on the outside to run all over Raiders. If Raiders are able to play all four quarters and every snap on the defensive end than they would be a very good football team who should go to post season and make some noise. >>

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    The Raiders just making the playoffs would be making noise. There is no way this team wins a playoff game. Even if they win the division, they'll have to play the likes of New England/NYJ or Pittsburgh/Baltimore, whichever teams finish in the wild card. The Chargers are not an elite team in the NFL, everything is overreacting.

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    what impressed me the most were his accuracy on deep throws. most were either right on target or a foot off, allowing his wrs to make some acrobatic catches.

    but this isnt surprising since on passes over 20yds, he completed 62% with 14 tds last season while campbell completed just 20% with 1 td.

    the crime wasnt trading possibly 2 1st round picks for palmer but having all these speedy wrs with no one to throw them the ball.

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    settle down, its the Raidaaasss. They will dissapoint soon enough.

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    Denver would be in the Superbowl if Tebow and the Broncos were in the FBS. Good luck!

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    he won't look nearly as good..he played the Chargers, we make everyone look like a Pro Bowler...
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    The High Flier
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    In on the Raiders going forward. McFadden and Bush pounding the rock, speed on the outside. Great pass rush, one of the best secondaries as a group. Biggest issue going forward is stopping the drive extending penalties. And I like Hue Jackson's swag.

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    didn't he throw like 3 picks last night?
    it's the chargers man they suck fat d*ck

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    They had better be. I have them at 10-1 to win that sorry ass division.

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    Raiders looked like a total different team last night than they did the week before. Palmer looked really good from what I seen. I think they are dangerous without a doubt to win their division.

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    Hes still rusty, but playing a little better week by week, just hope that D is inspired again after last night, they quit against denver, almost a week and a half till they play at minny, dmac should be back and Palmer should be more along with the entire playbook, so well see, BOL fellas

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    its not palmer its there dline........they got pass rushers growing on trees

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    Palmer looked good,.getting better each game.. Penalties still KILLEN the Raiders though. Terrible penalties too.. Also having just one big rb hurts.. They really need McFadden back! The tandem of McFadden/Bush will be unstoppable... Bush reminded me a lot of Bo Jackson running last night.
    Dont even get me started on their D.. Solid D line!! Shouldn't have given up Assmyhole..or however the hell you spell his name..

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    The Chargers have quit. I still like the Raiders to win that division though. I thought they had a solid chance before they got Palmer. This game is more than who they really are than the Denver and KC games. The need to get healthy and stay healthy more than anything.

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    when they get mcfadden back and work TJ into the offense more they will be playoff caliber