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    Thinking about creating a match.com profile to try and bang this one chick

    So last night I ran into an old girlfriend with her new boyfriend. Told me they met online. Had me thinking all night, so this morning I went on match.com to be a creep and look for people I knew on there.

    But while searching for girls that I knew, I stumbled across this one hot piece of ass. Chick is right up my fukin alley. Tattoos, piercings, drinks, and smokes.

    I'm thinking about creating a profile that will be sure to be a match to hers. Is this fukin scandalous or what? Boys, I don't want to upload a picture of me though. What if there are other assholes out there like me that look for locals to stalk/make fun of? I have a strong reputation. Can't even fathom the thought of being caught on a dating site. Plus, I'm already semi-committed to this one chick that gives it up on a regular basis.

    I need an in though. No way of finding out this chicks name or where she hangs out at. I'm gonna have to sleep on it.

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    (1) she probably spent the time to make herself look way more appealing than she really is, so the work to meet her might be for not...

    If (1) is not a problem for you move to (2)

    (2) Make a fake account and use pictures that may or may not be you.

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    They give you options to hide pictures and just send them to who you message... Obviously go for it.