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    Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night??

    Took 2 percos last night trying to get to bed knowing the big tourney was being played today and i sleep maybe 45 minutes, Alot of pressure and thinking with the poker tourney today, I mean guys we are playing for a 10,000 dollar seat today covered by SBR. Tell me this isnt the best forum you have ever been a part of...........For Christ's Sake their are guys that will take a shit today during the tourney and not only say **** this i dont have time to flush the toilet, But their is seriously guys that will not be wiping their damn asses with toilet paper and a shit, leaving skid marks on their boxers! Their is some kids here that not only have never had 10,000 dollars in a banking or savings account, but these damn youngsters havent even has 10,000 dolars made from gambling, working, hustling etc for the whole lifetime they have been in existence in this world! If i dont win it today, I would perfer to be Mr. Irrelevent and be the 1st person knocked out, so that i can take 2 more percs and get some damn sleep! Best of luck and once again A big Salute to SBR for putting on such a great tourney today, Also good luck to all participants, FBT

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    Slept perfectly fine last night....the odds of winning the tourney are slim so no point in losing sleep over it.

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    I didn't sleep well either, but it had nothing to do with a tourney.

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    Slept well after all the drinking we did watching the South Carolina/Virginia game. Shut the bar down at 2 and passed out shortly after.

    Won't be able to play in the tournament today, so no pressure here.
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    Slept ok after an afternoon of poker downtown. Practicing up for this afternoon!

    Good luck!!

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    try rubbing one out before going to bed. that always helps me sleep
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