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    mighty maron
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    100k posts : Life less insignificant?

    3 or 4 word posts....sad but thats really you at your best.

    Your videos feature a shell of a man whos paler than John Stockton in his albino prime.

    Vulgar F-Bomb resets that make no sense...

    JJ you are the case study of how when gonorrhea if left untreated leads to horrible death...except you are still here

    Do us a favor and just stop right now...you are threatening to make 100k insignificant

    So heres a song for you written about you

    Denis Leary never said it better about a smaller man than you

    Congrats JJ on a life wasted

    Jack gives you the ok....

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    Cap dat 4ss
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    harsh words MM. JJ has feelings. I don't quite harbor the resentment for the man that you do. He's a nice guy in person. However I've said for years that JJ's posting is insignificant. His posts read like a coloring book.

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    wow JJ has 100k posts, thats pretty absurd for any forum really

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    Brock Landers
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    If you had 100k post and was not getting paid for it then it would be insignificant.

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    Money talks and bullshit runs marathons
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    a job is a job is a job......JJ alot sharper than what that spreadsheet reads. He is the glue of this forum. THe SBR brass know what they got in him.

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    William Walters
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    The OP is begging for attention

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    Eddie Mush
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    Guy just buried jj.

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    OP has nothing better to do than bash. Grow up man. If J.J gets paid to post and perform, leave him alone. He's trying to earn a dollar and survive in life just like everyone else. It's still work, he's a knowledgable guy, why not find something else to do other than insulting a man for working hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
    Guy just buried jj.

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    Update your status
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    Can't fault him at all.

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    Not cool homie.