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    Is a Huge Demo Win on Nov 4 Really Good for the Country?

    Probably not.

    It really never seems good for the country when one party wipes out another.

    Within the memory of those eligible for membership in AARP is the landslide win of LBJ over conservative (a true conservative, not a sh1t neocon like GW Bush) Barry Goldwater. In 1964.

    I remember a year after the LBJ wipe-out of Goldwater my uncle (a Goldwater supporter) put a bumper sticker on his car, which, to my memory read something like this: THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED GOLDWATER WE'D HAVE WAR AND RIOT. SO I DID, AND THEY WERE RIGHT!

    The Texan's landslide win (I think Barry won only 5, 6 states) emboldened the fartfaced Johnson to expand the Vietnam war, while trying to control race and draft riots in the streets.

    With his White House regularly bseigned by hundreds of thousands of antiwar protestors, LBJ decided not seek another term.

    Then there was the Nixon landslide in 1972, when peacenik George McGovern also carried but a handful of states.

    And again, the sh1t hit the fan, with an even wider Viet war,and the whole business of Watergate.

    McCain will liklely lose so badly he'll drag a lot of GOP congressmen and senators with him.

    A good thing, you say? Maybe not. Divided govt has a lot to be said for it. Sure, Obama seems a lot more sensible and in control of himself than did the farty Johnson and creepy Nixon.

    But still, not a good thing, IMHO.

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    In general I don't think any party being control of the White House and Congress is good for the country. Especially with the sometime irrational hatred of the current President. Leading to a lot of anti-Bush votes, and change for the sake of change votes.

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    Just like in 2000 when the Repubs got everything, it will not be good for the country, but all of you "the world is ending" repubs out there, payback is a biatch. Don't worry everything will continue to suck just like it has for the last decade.

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    The two candidates are in agreement on one issue that is of crucial importance to the futue of the USA as an independent and non-fractured land.

    Illegal immigration. And for that matter, too much legal immigration.

    The country is being overwhelmed. And to hear right wing talk radio tell it, it's all the fault of "the liberals.'

    Not so. As paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan has pointed out repeatedly, illegal immigratrion is a capitalist plot. And global capitalism doesn't care at all about stupid party and political labels.

    Only about an agenda that will transform the US into another Mexico, where 2% of the population control 90% of the wealth of that land.

    Please leave all cries of "racism" at the back door. I've lived in Mexico, my best friend is a Mexican national, I speak the langiuage tolerably (enough to ask a waiter for a glass of water and not where to take a crap), I read it OK, write it a bit.

    I hate seeing Mexico turned into an ersatz USA, with Walmarts, Blockbusters, Mickey D's, Carls Jrs etc everywhere.
    I've heard that even Taco Bell is going to sell thier fake products in the land that invented it!

    Nor do I want to see the US turned into a cheap, imitation Mexico. All to satisfy the greed of the global corporations, and to appease the freaks at the US Chamber of Commerce.

    The race to the bottom . . . .

    And no, I don't see one chance in hell of Pres Obama re-negotiating the deadly NAFTA deal to insist on Mexico's toxic ruling class rasing the wages and living standards of their oppressed workers.

    Point is, with so many GOPsters (like McCain) already on the Amnesty train, there may be very little viable opposition to the so-called Path to Citizenship (amnesty) tht Obama will likely put forward sometime in his first administrattion.

    Global capitalism for decades now have cleverly employed the old "liberal" slogans of One World, to promote and hide their own agenda of world hegemony.

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    I think that the flow into the country has to be stopped before we can talk about what to do with the ones who are acutally in the country.

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    Arranging deck chairs on the Titanic...

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    Willie Nelson should do a remake of Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys and call it,Single welfare mothers don't let your bastards grow up to be non government employees.If it's socialist and Keynesian now,just wait till the democrats run the entire show.If you are in the private sector and believe in the free market you are going to have cans of whoopass opening up on you constantly.If you can't beat em,join em and become a government employee union slug,entitlement parasite,poverty pimp community activist and suck off the ready available government tit.Be like electricity and take the path of least resistance and swallow your stupid pride and submit to taking and using the government to your advantage.

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