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    The Genius
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    Does any1 play Aussie Rules here?

    Easy money to be made Downunder. Season just finished, a lot of favs win

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    I use to wager on those events when Pinnacle was still accepting U.S. players, but I don't anymore though.

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    USC ml
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    season is over. i won hawks spread for the championship. i bet them all season. send me a PM when you start betting those cuz i bet them every round.

    a lot of easy money this year. the spreads are not even close. fav blow the spread by 30 pt, i even bet the cats with 90 pts spread and they still covered. there were some dogs plays that were pretty easy. the bombers and the demons get big dog spread, sometimes they'll win straight up with over 40 pts spread.

    bookmaker, greek has those lines as well, dan

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    I had the best season in 8 years, miss it already.