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    What the polls will look like for CFB

    1. Alabama
    3.Penn st.

    4th will be tough...you can go with someone like TT or BYU but then there are many other teams with 1 loss that could be up there.

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    Texas should be #1.

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    Alabama shouldn't be #1 because they didn't play this week. Texas will be #1.

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    Texas tech? Most overrated top 10 team there is BY FAR BY A LONGSHOT

    Alabama is worthy of #1 from there two on the road victories on top 10 teams and alabama's defense is alot better than the defense Texas saw today

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    USC didn't play for 2 weeks and remained #1. I thought when you don't play you can't lose

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    I agree that Alabama is worthy, but Texas will be #1 simply because of the fact that beating the previous #1 team by double-digits will still be fresh in the pollsters minds.

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    Texas has to be #1

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    Florida 4th or 5th? They need to move way up.

    They blew out the #4 (#3 in the coaches poll) team in the country.

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    Penn St

    Oklahoma St #6-7

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    Ok even as much as a true Bama fan like myself would love to see us move up to #1 I just don't see it after the whipping Texas handed Oklahoma. Now, maybe it's just me but you would have be blind to not of seen that coming being Oklahoma hasn't played anyone this year. I'm actually starting to wonder if Bama may even drop one just due the pure beating Florida handing LSU. Just my thinking:

    Texas Tech
    Penn State

    I mean I'll take a #1 ranking but not sure we deserve it after the trouble we had with Kentucky last weekend.

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    This should be an interesting poll. I think Alabama will be number one by a very thin margain. Florida's win tonight was very impressive, but there's noway in hell they leap to the number two spot like some others in this thread are predicting.

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