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    ShoXC Elite Challenger Series; 3 Picks With A Dog At +190

    I really like Stumpf at +190. Lapsley is on a nice streak right now and is a decent fighter who has a lot of potential. However, tonight I think Stumpf will most likely take him to the ground and ground and pound a decision win.

    Also, I hate to lay so much chalk but I don't see Schall getting past the first round.

    Official plays:
    Mike Stumpf +190
    Mamed Khalidov -280
    Dave Herman -550

    Sorry posted in the wrong section. Can a mod please move this to the MMA section.

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    Went 2-1. Stumpf looked lost the entire fight. But, just as I thought Herman made very easy work of Schall.

    Mike Stumpf +190: LOST
    Mamed Khalidov -280: WON
    Dave Herman -550: WON

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    Man 1st time i've seen Mamed Khalidov fight, awsome exciting fighter. Reminds me of a smaller younger version of CroCop. EliteXC needs to get him on a telivised fight on CBS asap. As for Jason Guida wjhat a punk, can't make weight in the ultimate fighter show, then in his fight pulls that stalling shit with his mouthpiece cause he's hurt so bad, then shoves the ref when he's getting destroyed

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    Guida career is over and even his brother cant save him, UFC,ELITEXC and Afflication dont want this guy, For one his isnt that good or exciting fighter and know he is have issues with refs and being a bad sport and loser. Jason Guida better find a new day job because No Big Orgs or sponsers want him and i dont think he can make a living fighting every three months in the Mid west in a small MMA show making 1000-2000 dollars to fight all people will know its Clays brother that sucks and acts like a punk.Another good show bye SHOXC thats the only reason why i order Showtime is for there MMA and there boxing events are ok also.