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    listen retard
    just bc someone tells you a country is our mortal enemy doesnt make it so

    go read a fucxking book

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    reno cool
    the meaning of harm
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    how about "1984"

    The idea of perpetual enemies, war should hit close to home.

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    What this neocon kook/racist pizza deliverer fails to comprehend is that the difference is McCoot took an active participation in the defrauding by Keating, which ruined the lives of bondholders numbering 23,000 and the government in the tune of $3 Billion.

    The only reason he was exonerated was due to a technicality. The case should be re-opened and investigated by the Feds.

    Obama served on two boards for education reform and anti-povert with Ayers.... so he's a criminal? Then I guess FDR was a mass murderer since he worked arm in arm with Stalin for a period. Btw Ayers never killed anyone, the bomb they were working on their own free will exploded accidentially.

    Neocon kook indeed. Where is my damn pizza it's been 48 hours!!!! No tip for u!

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