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    Watched the ESPN doc on Dražen Petrović and Vlade Divac - pretty sad

    I feel really bad for Vlade Divac. Toni Kucoc and Petrovic stopped being friends with him just cuz he was Serbian. You can see that Vlade was really hurt by that, but atleast he was able to man up and talk to Drazen's parents.

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    Drazen wasn't having it.

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    Not Vlade's fault that he's Serbian.

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    Damn, I'll have to check this out. Sounds pretty interesting.

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    this is very sad.

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    ya, it was one of the better ones. And I think they've all been great. Will probably download the entire set soon and rewatch them.

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    One of the more sentimental 30 for 30 episodes. Very sad that the two of them never made peace before Drazen's death.