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    Camilo Villegas wins PGA Tour Championship

    Two wins in a row.


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    Pretty hard to do on PGA Tour, kid could be real good although everyone relaxed without TIger

    Phil and Sergio did nothing when Tiger was gone.

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    Great job spiderman Villegas. That Colombian dude sure is explosive.

    But - if Vijay needed the win to get the $10 million FedEx 1st prize, it may not have been the same. Fortunately for Singh, all he had to do was set his alarm properly, show up, and finish 4 rounds. What a screwy FedEx Cup set-up it is, to have absolutely no $10 million drama at the final tournament.

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    The FedEx Cup is the biggest waste of money ever, absolutely no one, except for the golfers who make the bonus money, cares who wins the FedEx Cup. Maybe it's the format idk, but the FedEx Cup has absolutely no drama or interest, it's just bonus money to the already richest golfer's on tour and no one gives a shit that Tiger gets ANOTHER 10 mil at the end of the year

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    After the Ryder Cup, there was little else in golf that could match that level of drama or excitement this year.

    Anyway, I have to agree, Villegas has really come on strong in the last few events, and I hope Villegas' strong play continues into next year. Also, the Fed-Ex cup is a waste of serious money and provides little interest as the golf season winds down. After the last major, the only ones watching golf are either serious golf gamblers, die-hard junkie golfers or Tiger Woods fans (If Tiger is around) anyway.

    Garcia seems to be weighed down by the young guns this year (Kim and Villegas), and, after collapsing in a few events this year to veterans Singh and Harrington, Garcia has firmly jumped to the head of the pack as most disappointing choke prone non-major winner.
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