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    So Lazerwager Shut Down....Odds On The Next Book To Fail??

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    Man I do know this......

    If the Southern guy from the Greek Island leaves, I will never put another dime in this industry.

    I have 15 offshores in my phone...Phone is 2 years old. 5 offshores are left. This is just a statistic.

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    I don't know about this dog.

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    How about Bet Atlas? They're currently a B here so I want some good longshot odds though.

    But how long can a book that can't make payouts sustain? I keep thinking they're going to figure out their issues but their problems have been dragging on for a good 6 months and only getting worse. They were 3+ months on a recent payout.

    To be fair, it's not that they can't make payouts. It's more like they have no particular mechanism in place, so every payout is a new scrambling adventure for them.

    I could see things deteriorating there. Just a hunch.

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