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    over/under what greg anderson is getting not to testify against bonds

    i say minimum 2 million. i always criticized the clowns that rolled on vick. they would have had a max sentence of 5 years and do about 36 months.they did 18 mos anyway. to save a guy 100 mil contract? that had to be worth something.some may not agree, but i would do 3 yrs instead of 18 mos if vick would have dropped me 5 mil.
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    yup, I mean for him to not be testifying against an established prick/asshole/douchebag like Barry Bonds, you know without a doubt that there is a lot of money going into the pockets of Greg Anderson.

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    They have been friends since childhood.

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    I say about 1 million or so

    He is guy that can really bury Bonds

    Good for him though, guy has character