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    Who is in favor of a STIFF and/or SlowPayer TAG/BADGE

    Whoever is in favor of a STIFF and/or SlowPayer BADGE nominate this post to agree.

    I think that it will be important to acknowledge that a poster has stiffed 1 or multiple people. Once they pay back they can be changed to slowpayer and in 6 months it will be removed.

    This is a good idea because people are always living it up in the forums after they stiff a fellow member. I think some of their "friends" and fellow posters might want to know just how shady and untrustworthy these people are. Maybe having the BADGE- STIFF below their postings will teach them a lesson and will make less people consider being a STIFF.
    As an added bonus it will let lenders know when to stay far away and not lose pts to someone who clearly isnt an honest forum member who contributes and has respect.

    What yall think?

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    I really like this idea but how would one go about giving someone the TAG/BADGE??

    This idea needs more thought. I have a website that has all my listed stiffs and if this did go in effect I would like everyone who has stiffed me to get this tag/badge.

    Should it only be allow by someone who transfer a large account of points to that person?