I know this guy gets a lot of praise because he is a millionaire from Iowa that i read here and is a very smart intelligent guy. I hear lot of fishhead stories like someone mentioned they saw him with a whole bunch of coupons at the Vegas strip and then changing his look at the bathroom so he could use another freeplay bonus and trick the casinos for money. So we know this guy knows how to make money and does so cleverly. Fishhead says he has 50 books that he has money in and scalps at least 10 props a day. Fine great and smart guy. However, these are the reasons i find fishhead annoying.

1. I don't like to personally attack people but i really am a bit annoyed by Fishhead posts. Fishhead always say the same things over and over. You say things like Matchbook is a must out for the usa punter. Not playing there is putting money down the drain. Yes fishhead we know, how many times do you need to repeat yourself? Also, why do you always put some words in capital letters? Like how many of you has been to so and so place and put it in CAPS. Or you talk about easystreet and other shops you play at and say things like anyone here play at this LUCRATIVE shop? I can honestly know what you are going to say if you are going to reply to a thread about a specific sportsbook such as betjamaica, greek or heritage because you REPEAT SO MUCH. Do you ever say something new?

2. The other thing i find annoying is when people ask you questions.... and you never ever give a CLEAR answer. But when you ask people about payouts about a book, people always give you a complete answer. I remembered i asked you how you deposit and you say **, ** etc but since they have limits... how in the world do you make deposits since i know you put a lot of money in there into 50 books. And then you said come to the SBR Bash in Vegas and then i will answer your questions. Someone said learn on your own and it took a while for fishhead to get where he is at but why do you dodge questions and never give a clear answer? I asked if you had friends to help you deposit using ** and ** and you never give a clear answer. You keep saying one should have at least 10 OUTS every single time.

3. Fishheadwagering, where the pros play? At first when i saw this, i honestly thought this might have been an actual sportsbook but then found out really quick that its just you taking bets with betpoints... fine. However, you put these ridiculous threads where you say Fish Head Wagering is open for business and make it a big deal! and ask people to make a wager and then you will accept or decline it. How the heck is this considered even a book with points if i see you decline at least 80 percent of offers by posters. I honestly don't understand these so called SPECIALS you are posting. They are maybe a bit better than regular books but these are not no special lines like other posters are making! Also, whenever someone makes an offer and you accept it.... you say GO FOR IT! You have 10 minutes! Why are you making this such a big deal? These are just betpoints even though you can get great things for it at the sbrstore. When someone come back and post after 10 minutes, you then said the deal is DEAD! And when they win a 100 point bet... you have to say PAID!!! like its a big thing. People can just bet points at the sbrstore but of course their line would be just a bit worst than yours buy not by much. Even when you say reduced juice and will take up to 5000 point wagers... you NEVER accept an offer if someone did make an offer! And when someone doesn't take these SPECIALS FROM YOU... you say "Watch the SHARPS invade this and then it will be to late for the neophites." What SHARPS are you talking about? Are you talking about SBR point posters? Because no sharps who bet big money on sports care about points.

4. Then when you put up lines up and show the VALUE you are getting betting at fishheadwagering... say its a baseball game and you can get Rockies +130 with your special.... you will show that its +128 at 5dimes, +125 at betjamaica, +123 at legendz etc. There were a few times when i did see some of your specials where you can actually hedge the bet by betting the other side on say matchbook and then you mention you can bet at fishheadwagering for +130 and get the other team on matchbook for -127 and make a SCALP! Fishhead... so you want someone to bet real money on the other sportsbook and then bet POINTS against you? How the heck is that considered arbitrage opportunity when one thing is points and one thing is cash? I mean you can convert the betpoints to a cash amount but that is not even close to the same thing. Also, can you explain to me your STAFF at fishheadwagering? Do you really have a STAFF with fishheadwagering or are you joking because if you did have a staff.... i don't know what kind of world you are living in because these are betpoints and not $1000 wagers. You said to someone MARY(my assistant) told me to let you have it as a FREEPLAY. Are you joking about this because what kind of assistant would waste any time with this? Do you really have an assistant that does these things for you??

5. Your prestigeous Fishhead Weekly book rankings. Look i know these rankings are better than the rankings sbr has and covers because those are a joke. I do agree with your list even though i played just the A books However, why do you do these rankings every week? Why don't you just say just play at matchbook, greek, betjamaica, 5dimes, heritage and thats it. Why do you need to include those other B books like SIA, youwager? Is it that necessary? It was always top 10 you had and now its top 15. But pretty much the ranking all the same every single week. One book might jump up 2 spots whereas one book might drop 1 or 2 spots. I know you know a lot about these books but why do you do this every single week? Why do you call it the Prestigous USA RANKINGS by fishhead? Do you really have a staff that does this with you to come with a top 15 books in usa or are you joking? You keep talking so much about how good HERITAGE is and most people cannot even get in this book unless they were invited. You make threads like Legendz and Betonline and some big cash bonus and make it such a big deal. You say things like FREE MONEY! SWEET DEAL! No its not free money. Its only free money if you clear the rollover and the majority of bettors lose long term. I mean even if its a 30 percent cash bonus... the maximum one can deposit with ** is $2500 i think and the max bonus one can get is $500 usually. Is that really a good deal? You need to rollover 7x usually and thats $17500 to collect a $500 bonus...

I don't like to dislike people but fishhead... i really thing your posts are really annoying. You keep saying the same thing over and over agin. Fishheadwagering where the pros play!? No pros play with betpoints. We just use these points for things at the store. And you say things like fishheadwagering gives freeplays and rebates. What the heck are you talking about? I never seen you give anyone a rebate. You don't even take more than 3 wagers per day and the highest i wager i seen you accept is 250 points. That is worth like $12?? Why do you make this such a big deal? You give reduced juice yet reject every single offer and then say this DEAL IS SUCH A GREAT DEAL and if someone offered you the same deal... you would transfer them 10,000 points in a heartbeat if you were offered Miami -3 +110... and you call everyone an idiot for not taking this deal. Are you serious or are you joking?

I don't mean to be mean to you fishhead but this is just my opinion of you. Does anyone feel this way like me about fishhead or am i the only person?