Originally posted on 12/10/2023:

Through week 13 Stroud leads the league in 3,540 gross passing yards, His 101.2 passer rating is only behind Purdy, Prescott, and Tagovailoa. Stroud averages 295 yards a game and 8.5 yards average completion, moving the ball down the field. A case can be made for his talents in the fact he has been sacked 6th most in the league at 31 times, meaning he wasn’t gifted the best O-line. Texans offensive line ranked 23rd preseason. His completion rate of 63.4% ranks 23rd and what’s remarkable is beyond a 3 interception game against the Cardinals he’s only thrown 2 other interceptions. A 1.2% interception rate is incredible thus far.

A big question is the Texans strength of schedule ranking 30th in the league. Is Stroud’s numbers skewed because of who he faced or is he legit having one of the all time great rookie campaigns?

The jury is still out. Where do you see him ranking all time among the great rookie QB’s?

In no particular order where do you see him ranking all time versus. Wilson, RG3, Marino, Herbert, Prescott, Mayfeild, Roethlisberger, Luck, etc…